Unison Pottery and Tile

handmade... by bees

Unison Honey

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lovingly made

Artisanal Honey

Artist Joan Gardiner is not just known for her incredible tiles and pottery, but also for her knowledge and love for honey bees. With 20 colonies, Joan lovingly creates a rich, beautiful, and exceptionally tasty local honey that sells out every year. As such, it's only offered for sale in Unison at the Unison Honey Stand through the summer, at Unison Day in the fall, at the Bluemont Fair at the Loudoun Beekeepers Association’s booth, and occasionally at other events – stayed tuned. Stop by sometime and pick it up.

For beekeepers and others in the area, Joan offers her services (and bees) to help you get your hives setup and maintained.

In the spring, Joan brings an observation hive with bees and the Queen and a crankie show to pre-schools and elementary schools to encourage children to embrace bees.

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